MJ in semi-scribbled black handwriting

Photography by Dan Edwards

Collector of interesting words and sounds, Maddie is a writer, musician and creative. A prize-winning poet. composer and pianist, both she and her works have enjoyed performances internationally, virtually, and closer to home (London, UK).

As eclectic in genre as personality, Maddie loves to create work that excites her and means something to her. She aspires to learn as much as she can to be a better artist, and more importantly, a better human, with all good, bad and downright silly bits included.

Her debut poetry pamphlet, adulting, is available to buy in a number of different retailers (visit the writing page for more details).

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Writing, editing and

proof-reading, specialising in articles, interviews, poetry and copy


Creating concepts and bringing them to life,

for art performance, multimedia and business


Presenting, facilitation

and public speaking,

live or recorded,

in person or virtually